Jersey Data Protection Association

Who Are We?

The Jersey Data Protection Association was formed to help organizations , from large to small to understand, respond and comply with the ever increasing demands of customers, employees, suppliers and regulators in the field of data privacy and protection.

Our committee is made up of representatives from various industry sectors including Financial Services, Public Sector, Digital, the Legal Profession, Retail, Tourism and Hospitality, Energy and Construction.

Why Are We Here?

The need for awareness in this field has never been greater, with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), enforceable from May 2018.  This regulation will impact any entity that controls or processes the personal data of European citizens.  Jersey has also committed to enact equivalent legislation in line with the GDPR to ensure that the Island maintains its “adequacy status”.  It is critical that our data protection regulations, and our levels of understanding and compliance remain appropriate to ensure Jersey remains competitive against other jurisdictions, whilst providing increased levels of data protection to individuals.

Our Goal

Our aim is to provide a platform for those responsible or interested in data protection within their respective businesses, to improve their understanding of data protection through attendance at seminars, formal training and networking events where you will be encouraged to share experiences, concerns or materials which may be of interest to other members across industry.

Join Us

Membership of the Jersey Data Protection Association is now open to all organisations, and formal application for membership is now available via the “Subscribe” menu above.