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Subject Description Speakers Date Venue Details
J.DPA Meet the Information Commissioner

The JDPA welcomes all members to our Autumn update.

Dr. Jay Fedorak took up the post of Information Commissioner on 2 July 2018, with 25 years’ experience in administering freedom of information and data protection legislation in both public and private sectors, having served as Deputy Commissioner of the Office of Information and Privacy Commissioner in British Columbia, Canada since 2012.

Member Q&A – A chance to speak to the committee, speakers on the day’s topic, membership or anything else data protection related.
Dr. Jay Fedorak, Office of the Information Commissioner 26/11/2018 Intertrust Eventbrite
EU Reps and Operating Internationally

Seminar 8
GDPR Event Series
GDPR Representatives and Operating Internationally
The presentation will address common questions about the role of the Article 27 GDPR representative, including: when does the GDPR say that a business might need to appoint one? What might the representative need to do? What might they be liable for? Are there any risks with making an appointment and when will further guidance be available?

You can view the slides from this seminar here.
Matt Berry, Jersey Law Officers Department 8 May 2018 Intertrust Eventbrite
Data Breaches

Seminar 7
GDPR Event Series
Data breaches
In certain circumstances, organisations will only have 72 hours from discovery of a breach to notify the relevant data protection authority of the breach. Organisations will also have the obligation, in certain circumstances, to notify data subjects directly if the data breach is likely to result in high risk to their personal data. Chatham house rules apply.

You can view the slides from this event here.
Paul Vane, OIC

Davida Blackmore, Callington Chambers

Andre Gorvel, JE3.COM
26 Apr 2018 Assembly Room, Town Hall Eventbrite
Jersey Funds Association

GDPR and Funds
New Challenges in Governance

You can view the slides from this event here.
David Carney, PwC

Huw Thomas, Carey Olsen
19 Apr 2018
Contracts and Liabilities between Controllers and Processors

Contracts and Liabilities
Workshop to discuss the process of reviewing contracts. In particular, key clauses to include in contracts between data processors and data controllers.
Huw Thomas, Carey Olsen

Stephanie Luce, J.DPA

David Carney, PwC
26 Mar 2018 PwC (Pricewaterhouse -Coopers)
Digital Transformation & GDPR

Seminar 6
GDPR Event Series
Maintaining Compliance in a World of Constant Change
Becoming compliant with GDPR is only the first step. Once you achieve compliance, you need to maintain it as your business evolves and the regulations governing it change. This seminar looks at concepts of ‘privacy by design’ and ‘privacy by default’ and provides you with practical advice for keeping your compliance constant in a world of perpetual change.

You can view the slides from this event here.
Mary Frawley, Damon Greber & Phil Ruelle, BDO 23 Mar 2018 Royal Yacht Hotel Eventbrite
Data Protection from First Principles – Justifying your Data Processing

Seminar 5
GDPR Event Series
Data Protection from First Principles
The GDPR (and the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018) requires all processing to satisfy at least one of a number of preconditions – one of which is consent. This session will look at the different ways in which data processing can be justified and will have a particular focus on the use (and misuse) of consent in marketing scenarios.

You can view the slides from this event here.
Huw Thomas, Carey Olsen 16 Mar 2018 Intertrust Eventbrite
GDPR and Cyber Essentials, shaken not stirred

Seminar 4
GDPR Event Series
GDPR and Cyber Essentials
Talk on GDPR and its relevance to Jersey, as well as a UK & Jersey Government-mandated cyber security auditing scheme which helps ensure your compliance with data protection legislation. Come and raise any questions you have around GDPR and Cyber Essentials.

You can view the slides from this event here.
David Carney, PwC

Stephanie Luce, J.DPA

Huw Thomas, Carey Olsen

Ronnie Isherwood, JE3.COM
14 Mar 2018 Barclays Eagle Lab, Jersey Library Barclays Eagle Labs

Seminar 3
GDPR Event Series
The (Data) Rights of Man
GDPR defines 8 rights for individuals including the ‘right of access’ and the so-called ‘right to be forgotten’. This session examines each of the 8 rights in detail to give you a thorough understanding of how they will each impact your business and provide some clear actions you can take to help your business be compliant with them.

You can view the slides from this event here.
Damon Greber, BDO

Phil Ruelle, BDO
8 Mar 2018 Royal Yacht Hotel Eventbrite
Role of the Data Protection Officer (DPO)

GDPR Event Series
Data Protection Officers
Organisations should evaluate whether they require appointing a DPO under the GDPR. If you would like more information on this, please read the OIC blog or read the Article 29 Working Party guidance.

You can view the slides from this event here.
Paul Vane, OIC 28 Feb 2018 Intertrust Eventbrite
Data Mapping / Registers

Seminar 1
GDPR Event Series
Information you hold
The GDPR requires organisations to maintain records of all processing activities and the legal bases for processing such data. It is important for organisations to review the data you have, where this came from, how long you have had it and the legal basis for processing.

You can view the slides from this event here.
David Carney, J.DPA Chairman and PwC Director 22 Feb 2018 Pomme d'Or Hotel Eventbrite